International Tax Consulting

George C Gonzalez, PhD

My specialty is international tax consulting for Canadian and U.S. clients, both residents and non-residents of their home countries. The two main types of service that I provide are tax planning and tax compliance.

Tax planning: With this service I work with you to determine the tax effect of different alternatives that you are considering. For example, you may be considering a move overseas and wonder how your income tax bill would differ if you moved in the current year versus next year. Or you may be considering whether to set up an offshore corporation or trust for investing, and want to know how this may affect your income taxes.

Tax compliance: This relates to the filing of tax returns and information reports. Whether you are a Canadian or a U.S. taxpayer, you are probably required to file an annual income tax return and may also be required to file annual information reports on your international activities. The typical tax return and information reports that Canadian and U.S. taxpayers who are involved in international activities are required to file are discussed in this site’s web pages.

Some of my clients are dual Canadian-U.S. citizens who have to deal with income tax return/information reporting obligations to both the CRA (Canada) and the IRS (U.S.). I work with dual citizens to ensure that you meet your tax compliance obligations to both the CRA and the IRS.

Through my experience I have found that the great majority of tax accountants, both in Canada and in the U.S., have limited knowledge of international tax rules. This is understandable because most tax accountants rarely deal with international taxation in serving their clients. While some of my clients use my services exclusively, others hire me for their international tax needs while continuing to work with their own accountant for domestic tax issues. Either arrangement is fine.

For new clients who wish to have an initial consultation, we can meet in a video conference call. The fee for this initial consultation is billed at my hourly rate with a one-hour minimum, and I give you a credit of one-half of this initial fee for any follow-up work that you ask of me. For more details contact me through my email address shown on this web page.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about my services or anything else you read about on this web site.